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    From Imagination To Innovation!

    Using Technology to bring people together.

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    Technology will never stop Evolvong it's the nature of the beast.

    Stay on track with next-generation Automation Solutions by Connecting with Us!

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    Got tight technical and budget constraints for your Product's Success?

    We work tirelessly to deliver engaging products that stimulate the user and disrupt markets.

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  • β€œIt’s not that we use Technology, We live Technology.”

    – Godfrey Reggio

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Service We Provide A Quality Experience Team with 8 years experience

Products and Design

Our Product Design and Development Service will help take your business from where it is today to where it needs to be in the future.

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Industry Consultancy

Improve your enterprise asset management and performance with technologies, such as Automation, Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and Security.

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Infi IoT Platform

Quick and Solid solution for your IoT Application: Data Acquisition, Storage, Processing, Powerful Advanced Analytics, Visualization, and Enterprise Application Integration.

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Web Development Services

We design beautiful modern engaging websites using latest responsive technologies.

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icon of infi iot cloud - a product of Infiiot Technologies

InfiIoT - Futuristic Iot Cloud Platform

infi drive - smart motor driver, a product of Infiiot Technologies

InfiDrive - Smart Motor Driver

infi sense standing in a africulture field - internet of things, a product of Infiiot Technologies

Infi Sense - IoT the Smart way

infi mesh hardware showing a iot node sending data, a product of Infiiot Technologies

Infi Mesh - Connect to future

a palm model printed using industry grade 3d printers of Infiiot Technologies

Industry Grade Desktop Printer

voltage accuracy graph of remote industry power analysis system, a product of InfiiotTechnologies

Remote Industry Power Analysis System

image of clouds showing the ability of infi weather to sense the weather parameters

Infi Weather - Cutting Edge Weather Station with AI forcast

traditional technique of measuring rain , a depiction of infi gauge which is used to measure rain digitaly

Infi Gauge - A more accurate measuring gauge

leaf wetness measurement sensor infi leaf by Infiiot Technologies

Infi Leaf - The leaf Wetness Sensor

faru data logger hardware Infiiot Technologies

FARU - Field Analog Recorder Unit

black soil with some grass a target field for infi soil/ infi ece sensor

Infi-Soil/ Infi-ECE

a movable bat model printed by Infiiot Technologies 3d manufacturing service

3D Printing Services

earthsense - consultancy product of Infiiot Technologies for ni logic pvt ltd

Earth Sense - Consultancy Project for Ni-Logic Ltd.

infi drive - smart motor driver, a product of Infiiot Technologies

Infi-Tunnel - Automatic DisInfection System


Award winning engineering team, with a wealth of experience and a cache of enthusiasm.

Concept Design

Fresh ideas with a global market perspective.


We offer multi-disciplinary product design and innovation.

Technology On the Edge

Using latest Tech to make your project, operate Faster, Smoother and more Secure

Value for Money

We belive our success lies in Clients Satisfaction, our team is always on front foot while serving Clients.

Faster TurnAround Time

With turaround time of less than a week, We are set to serve our Clients at its best.

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Why Choose Us

Here are the reasons you can depend on Infiiot Technologies to keep you and your business up and running:

Our Experience

To date, we have successfully completed over 40 projects

Our Skill-Set

We are product design experts; we are industry experts; we are database-design experts; we are IIOT experts

Our Values

We always recognise and honour the trust our customers place in us.

Our Clients hire us, rather than somebody else, beacause

We Set Clear Deliverables, Set Realistic Expectations and are Transparent throughout the process.

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