iot cloud platform - big data, cloud computing, system integration, automation, future preiction

Infi-IoT Cloud Platform was developed to serve as a one-stop solution for Connecting IoT devices and securely access, monitor, analyze, predict, augment and act on data in newer and simpler ways.

Infi-IoT is developed as a SAAS platform to ease the process of gathering data from the field. Infi-IoT is optimized to be used with Industries where data security and integrity is most important, for agriculture where bulk data need to be processed and analyzed, and for smart homes where large number of payload transmission and control is needed to be done within the least time possible (lesser latency)

Made Easy and Futuristic

Super Easy Integration, Customizable data formats, no point count restrictions, future predictions.

Multi-Threaded Interface

Slow or non-responsive server won't slow down other connections


Supports AES Secure Payloads, Transport Layer Security (TLS), certificate-based authentication, user authentication.


Analytics on and off the edge using Machine learning.

One-Stop Solution

Don't waste your time integrating. Our libraries, Software UI/UX, and connectivity work together out of the box.

Unlimited Use Cases

Extend Product Life, Enhanced Asset Utilization, Data Perception, Efficiency and Productivity using Infiiot.

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