Hardware Design

advanced black silkscreen pcb hardware

We are expert in High-speed, Multi-layer, Multicore processor, Multi-processor, FPGA based hardware designs. We use most advanced technology and tools to meet your needs, including Altium Designer, Cadence. Our all designs are ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485 and ISO16949 Compliance Designs.

Agile Hardware Development

Quick and Easy Concept to Design process.

Our Experience

8+ years of experience in Hardware Design


Intellectual property protection

One-stop shop service

From concept assessment, component selection, to supplier management

Embedded Software Development

controller being codded connected with wires to other devices

Our developers are experts in Firmware development for higher end micro controllers, remote embedded systems, Gateway based wireless application development. We've developed in the most popular architectures, including ARM, 8051, X86-64, Renesas, PIC, xScale, PowerPC and AVR. We also understand common embedded standards, protocols and interfaces, such as I²C, SPI, USB, MIDI, JSON, USART/UART, LVDS, CoAP, MQTT, DTLS and MIPI DSI/CSI.

Technology Expertise

Wide range of controllers, processors and protocols.

Testing and quality assurance

Performance Benchmarking and firmware quality testing

M2M and IoT devices

intelligent fail-proof firmware designs.

System Optimization

Reduce Power Consumption, memory usage.

Product Design

product design ools and setup

We provide a conception-to-commercialisation service that enables our clients to identify and exploit market opportunities and access design, manufacturing and marketing expertise to create ideas which will drive their growth. Our product design and engineering experience covers a wide range of industries, projects, materials, production specifications and budgets.

Concept Design

Concept Development, BrainStorming, prelimanary analysis.


Mechanical Designs, Numeriacal Simulations, Value analysis.

Modelling and prototyping

Testing, Final Design, Technical Manuals.

Competitive Quotes

Get a Competitive quote for your product idea.

3D Design and Manufacturing

3d printer and 3d design software with a 3d prototype

Our team is Expert in designing for Aerospace, Architecture, Automative, Education, Gifting, Manufacturing, Medical applications. We offer the widest range of technologies and materials for rapid prototyping and 3D printing.


Convert your idea/spec into design.


8+ years Industry Experience in 3D design and Manufacturing.

Training & Education

On-site and remote training programs.

Competitive Instant Quote

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